The Nest Cottage-Places to Explore: Parks, Trails & Woods in Webster, NY

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Places to Explore:

Beautiful Parks, Trails and Woods
Webster, NY

Nearby The Nest Cottage
you will find a bunch of beautiful parks, trails, and woods to explore.
No need to stay indoors

when there are so many wonderful places to see.
You can walk, run, hike or bike.

Here are just a few of our favorites:

Gosnell Big Woods Preserve

Madi and I enjoy walking the perimeter of the field on The Big Field Trail
at Gosnell Big Woods Preserve.
The 1.2-mile trail has a stunning view of the field’s wildflowers mid-Summer,
and we love to snowshoe here in the Winter.
Just a short walk from the cottage down Lake Road or via the Hojack Trail you can access the Gosnell Big Woods Preserve via both Baker and Vosburg Roads.

As stated so beautifully on the Genessee Land Trust website:
“This Town of Webster owned nature preserve includes majestic old-growth forest, open field, and a small meadow. Maintained by Friends of Webster Trails, a variety of trails offer beautiful views of meadows, wildflowers, and spectacular old-growth trees.
Hikers may see butterflies, dragonflies, deer, and a variety of birds.”

Hojack Trail

Just behind The Nest Cottage,
you will find the path where the original Hojack Line once roared bye.
Today the tracks have been removed,
as well as the bridge connecting Lake Road to the Forest Lawn Community.
However, the mixed-use Hojack Trail allows one to travel from Lake Road to Phillips Road, providing access to the entire length of Webster.
The Friends of Webster Trails maintains this 3.5mile-long trail.
It is a popular destination for the locals.
We especially like riding our bikes here during the Summer and Fall.

Irondequoit Bay Small Boat Harbor-Webster Side

On the Webster side of the Irondequoit Bay,
you will find a short pier that juts out and provides a nice view of the Bay and Lake Ontario. Located on Lake Road near The Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge aka “The Swing Bridge”
(across the street from Mayer’s Marina) you will find a couple spots to park.
The Swing Bridge is swung away to open the channel to boaters 7 months out of the year
(April 1-October 31) at which point this is the end of the road.
You will be able to watch the boats and often there are people fishing in this location.

Irondequoit Bay Small Boat Harbor-
Irondequoit Side
Irondequoit Bay Marine Park

When the Swing Bridge is swung into place 5 months out of the year (November 1-March 31) motor vehicles can easily access the opposite side of the Irondequoit Bay.
This easy access to the opposite side of the bay opens up a whole world of possibilities
to Webster Residents during this time. One of the best is being able to walk the pier.
It is a bit longer than on the Webster side and it has a small lighthouse at the end.
There is also a boat ramp, some public docks and a beach on this side of the bay.

Lake Ontario State Parkway Trail
at Durand Eastman Park

Another one of our absolute favorite spots when the Spring Bridge is swung into place is Durand Eastman Park on Lakeshore Blvd in Irondequoit.
It is a beautiful trail that extends through the woods, across the marshlands
and to the lakeshore of Lake Ontario.
We especially love it in the Winter when the white volcanos are along the shoreline.
An absolute awe-inspiring sight.
While at Durand Eastman Park there are gobs of trails, ponds, lakes and woods to explore.

North Ponds Park
Charles E. Sexton
Memorial Park

A one-mile paved walking path circles the ponds.
You can see ducks and geese around the pond.
If you are especially lucky you might spy a blue heron.
You can also connect to the Bird Sanctuary Trail as well as The Hojack Trail from this park. Parking can be found at both ends of the park on Orchard Rd or Rt 104 at Rt 250 (North Ave).

Sandbar Park

The Sandbar Park is unique as it offers access to both Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay.
The park has been closed for renovations; it is proposed to re-open November 2023.
Some of the highlights coming to the park will be an accessible trail to view the water and sunsets, a boat launch, a new bathroom, and a playground.
Located just a short distance from the cottage at 302 Lake Road
this is a must see and ample parking is available.

Webster Park

One of our favorite parks is just up lake road about 2 miles.
Webster Park, a county park on Lake Ontario that has a fishing pier
and glorious views of Lake Ontario.
There are also trails, tennis/pickleball courts/ a camping and campground area.
In the Winter, you will find some Cross-Country Skiing groomed trails,
plenty of space for snowshoeing and a great hill for sledding.

More Parks to Explore in Monroe County:

All Monroe County Parks:
Friends of Webster Trails:
Irondequoit Bay East:
Seaway Trail: a scenic drive from Rochester to Lakeside Beach

Rochester Parks:

Parks to Explore in Wayne County:

Just a short distance from Webster over the County Line is Wayne County.
There are plenty of beautiful parks to visit there as well.
Take a peaceful drive down Lake Road and you can experience these amazing places.
All Wayne County Parks:
Genesee Land Trust Map:

Our Favorite Wayne County Parks:
B. Forman Park
Cornwall Preserve
Chimney Bluffs


This is my favorite spot at Webster Park.
I like to sit after a long walk or hike.
It is a perfect spot to look out through the trees onto the pier below
and the beautiful water of Lake Ontario.

Enjoy all the treasures close bye.
The beauty of the area is the ever-changing weather and seasons

that bring a different experience to each of these places.

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