The Nest Cottage-The Source List


We spent countless hours selecting the “perfect items” to make The Nest Cottage just right.
After a year, we have a better idea of what items worked well and what didn’t.
We are happy to report that we chose well.

We are thrilled with all of the items we selected.
For that reason, we have compiled a Source List just for you.

Whether you are looking for an item to make your home more comfortable
or you are setting-up a rental property, you will find value in our source list.

Paint Colors:

Paint is the most affordable way to transform a room.
If you are looking for a color change, here are our favorites.
We love the way these colors transformed our rooms.

SW-0055 Light French Gray:

After gobs of trial and error we found the perfect color for our main living area!
We absolutely love, love, love it both day and night.
SW-0055 Light French Gray is a true gray with no undertones of green or violet.
It looks great paired with SW-Ultra-Pure White Trim Color.

Behr-1850 Ultra-Pure White:

Behr-1850 Ultra-Pure White is an absolute true white. Again, no undertones. Just white.
Paired with an accent wallpaper wall it really brightened and refreshed our Guestrooms.
Plus, we love how the artwork POPS against it.

SW-6249 Storm Cloud:

SW- 6249 Storm Cloud is our newest addition. It is a dramatic Gray-Blue color.
Just what we wanted, Drama!

Now, the Laundry Room just POPS!

Our laundry room’s new paint color is SW-6249 Storm Cloud. The large Audubon bird has been dubbed ‘Sebastian’,
the mascot for The Nest Cottage.
Don’t you like how Madi posed for the photo?

SW-0077 Classic French Gray:

This color SW-0077 Classic French Gray was here when we purchased the cottage.
Absolutely everyone who uses the bathroom comments on how they love the color.

We do too!

Our bathroom’s moody gray color is SW-0077 Classic French Gray.
The Hotel Collection towels (mentioned below) are stored nicely on the built-in shelves.

SW-2846 Roycroft Bronze Green:

This warm, rich green color SW-2846 Roycroft Bronze Green was the perfect match to the Pella Doors that are on the front of the cottage.
Now, the side garage door blends nicely with the siding.

Exterior Door Color: SW-2846 Roycroft Bronze Green.


Wallpaper can transform a room from great to outstanding.
Wallpaper adds color, texture and interest.
We just love how easy the wallpaper was to install and the way it elevated our rooms.

Scott Living Seagrass in Gray:

We had real grass cloth wallpaper in our main home, and we loved it.
However, the nest cottage needed something that was easier to care for
that could stand-up to the wear and tear.
We love the look we got from this faux grass cloth wallpaper.
It brings a richness of warmth and texture to the living area.

Available at: LOWES

The accent wall in the living room is wallpapered with Scott Living Seagrass in color: Gray it blends well beside the SW-0055 Light French Gray wall paint.

Madeline Painted Dots in Green:

This is a jaunty pattern that brought a fun element to a rather drab bedroom.
It is just the perfect touch to add whimsy and color to a white room.
It makes us smile every time we walk-
Available at: WAYFAIR

Guest Bedroom #1-accent wall wallpaper is: ‘Madeline Painted Dots’ in color: green.
The paint color is: Behr-1850 Ultra-Pure White.

Origin 21 Mystical in Navy:

This pattern is another fun print that made a big difference in an otherwise boring white bedroom. We absolutely love how it added warmth and energy to the room.
Paired with Behr-1850 Ultra-Pure White paint it is absolutely perfect!
Available at: Lowes

The Guest Bedroom #2 accent wall wallpaper is: Origin 21 Mystical in color: Navy. The Paint color is: Behr-1850
Ultra-Pure White.

Art Work:

‘Wren Bird’
by Thimble Sparrow

This adorable bird just makes you smile.
The white matting and white frame make the bird really stand out.

We absolutely adore it paired with the SW-0055 Light French Gray paint color and
the crisp white wainscotting.
Available at WAYFAIR

‘Wren Bird’

Eggs and Nest’
by Lettered and Lined

We needed a piece of art to disguise the panel box.
This adorable print worked smashingly well.
A plus is that it fit into our theme too!
Available at WAYFAIR

The ‘Eggs and Nest’ Print covers and disguises the rather ugly panel box perfectly.
The best part is it is easy to remove when access is required.

Golden State Art
8″x8″ Black Frames

We love how our photos look so smashing in this collection of nine frames.
Our local parks and trails make a beautiful subject matter

Available at AMAZON.

Abstract Texture Framed by Middle of Nowhere

We needed a large piece of art for the wall opposite the fireplace.
We didn’t want it to distract from the view of the lake and gardens.
This piece gave us a the quiet we wanted; but was dramatic enough to work.
We scored it at Homegoods
The Australian artist, Sarah Brooke’s work can also be found at her website:
I have also noticed her work for sale on ebay:

Neutral Feather Print I, II, III ‘
Graphic Art Print on Paper

This collection of 3 prints fits nicely above the sofa.
The plexi-glass gives us peace of mind knowing that any rough housing

will not result in harm.
You never know when a pillow war might break out.

We are prepared.
Available at: WAYFAIR.

Neutral Feather Prints I, II, III are on the wall behind the sofa. In the hallway, just pass the sofa you can see the Golden State Art 8″x 8″ Black Frames.
The wall color is SW-0055 Light French Gray and the wallpaper is: Scott Living Seagrass in Gray.

Other Special Items:
(Listed by Area)

The Banquette Area:

The banquette is the perfect spot to dine, work on a laptop, or serve up a charcuterie board.
By removing the bar counter, table and corner cabinet; we were able to add in the banquette. It serves up a wealth of additional storage and plenty of seating.

The best feature is the ability to sit and stare at the view of the water.
Isn’t that exactly why you want a cottage for, to enjoy the view?

Wear to buy the Banquette Items:
Dining Table: Bengle 59.1″ Trestle Dining Table-WAYFAIR
Pillow Inserts: Utopia Bedding 20″X20″ (Set of 4)-AMAZON
Storage Benches: Klaus Storage Bench (Qty. 4)-WAYFAIR
Throw Pillows: Bryton Pillow Cover (Qty. 4)-WAYFAIR
Throw Pillows: Tappahannock Square Pillow (Qty. 4)-WAYFAIR

BEFORE: The Dining Area before we installed the banquette felt bulky
and didn’t take advantage of the view.
AFTER: By removing the bar countertop and the corner cabinet; we were able to install the wainscoting. The four storage ottomans fit perfectly making a nice banquette that allows for plenty of additional seating.

The Bathroom:

The bathroom was already remodeled by the previous owner. We love the cottage feel it has.
We just added the soft, luxurious towels.
These towels can be washed again and again, and they still look like brand new.

Where to buy the Bathroom Items:
Towels: Hotel Collection Micro Cotton-MACY’S

Guest Bedroom #1:

It was important to us to make sure both bedrooms offered its guests an equal amount of luxury and style. We want everyone to feel comfortable and get a good night’s sleep.

Where to buy the Guest Bedroom#1 Items:
Barndoor Hardware Kit: Smartstandard 6.6′ Heavy Duty Sliding Door Kit-AMAZON
Barndoor Pull Handle: Haritift 12″ Sliding Door Hardware Set-AMAZON
Baskets-Assorted Sizes-HOMEGOODS
Blow Dryer: Conair 1875 Color: White/Rose Gold-AMAZON
Blow Dryer Bags: Ronyoung Set of 4-AMAZON
Custom Robes: by PersonalizedPassion-ETSY
Duvet: DWR Breathable Eucalyptus Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter-AMAZON
Duvet Cover: Cozy Lux Duvet Cover Set 100% Organic Bamboo Fiber-AMAZON
Wimarsbon Pouf Ottoman Natural Seagrass Pouffe-AMAZON

Framed Art: Favre Prints-Personal Collection
Luggage Racks: Winsome Wood Scarlett Luggage Rack-AMAZON
Mattress: Sealy Posturepedic Mohegan Bluffs Medium RAYMOUR & FLANIGAN
Mirror: LOWES
Pillow Protectors: Niagara Sleep Solution Set of 4-AMAZON
Platform Bed: Peterson Tufted Upholstered Low Profile Platform Bed-WAYFAIR
Sheets: Sonoro Kate Bamboo Sheets -AMAZON

Blanket: Nautica Soft Cotton Bedding Color: Navy-HOMEGOODS
Quilted Bedding: Love’s Cabin Quilts Color: Blue Gray-AMAZON
Side Table: Ailee Drawer Nightstand by Wade Logan-WAYFAIR
Throw: Marshaw Lightweight Throw-WAYFAIR
Vanity: Sienna Vanity with Mirror-WAYFAIR

Guest Bedroom #2:

This Guest Room provides the same comfort as it is equipped with the exact same mattress and bedding as Guest Room #1. No reason to draw straws or flip a coin to see who get which room. They both provide equal amounts of luxury, style and comfort for a good night. Or in the case of our Traveling Nurses, a good day’s sleep. We can’t thank them enough for the sacrifice they make to serve our community. Thank you, Leila, Kim, Nena and Danielle.

Where to buy the Guest Bedroom#2 Items:
Baskets-Assorted Sizes-HOMEGOODS
Blow Dryer: Conair 1875 Color: White/Rose Gold-AMAZON
Blow Dryer Bags: Ronyoung Set of 4-AMAZON
Custom Robes: Size M and Size L-ETSY
Duvet: DWR Breathable Eucalyptus Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter-AMAZON
Duvet Cover: Cozy Lux Duvet Cover Set 100% Organic Bamboo Fiber-AMAZON
Lamps: Pair of Silver Lamps-HOMEGOODS
Luggage Racks: Winsome Wood Scarlett Luggage Rack-AMAZON
Mattress: Sealy Posturepedic Mohegan Bluffs Medium RAYMOUR & FLANIGAN
Pillows: Ralph Lauren-HOMEGOODS
Pillow Protectors: Niagara Sleep Solution Set of 4-AMAZON
Sheets: Sonoro Kate Bamboo Sheets Color-AMAZON
Throw: Marshaw Lightweight Throw Ebern Designs Color: Navy-WAYFAIR
Blanket: Nautica Soft Cotton Bedding Color: Navy-HOMEGOODS
Quilted Bedding: Love’s Cabin Quilts Color: Blue Gray-AMAZON
Vanity: Sienna Vanity with Mirror-WAYFAIR

Living Area & Other Household Items:

Choosing just the right items can help to elevate a space.
We had purchased many of the items along with the cottage.
After some editing and adding some items from our main home;
we were then able to curate the space just as we wanted.
Our end goal was to have a relaxed and comfortable nesting space.

Where to buy the Living Area & Other Household Items:
Area Rugs: Previously Purchased-HOMEGOODS
Ceiling Fans: Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fans-LOWES
Fly Trap: Safer Home Indoor Plug-In-AMAZON
Fly Trap Refills: Safer Home 3-Pack Refills-AMAZON
Ottoman: HomePop Home Decor Upholstered Round Tufted Ottoman w/ Storage-AMAZON
Living Room Sofa and Chairs: Previously Purchased-BASSETT FURNITURE
Sunroom Accent Tables: Previously Purchased-HOMEGOODS
Sunroom Sofa and Chairs: Previously Purchased-ASHLEY FURNITURE
Sunroom Throw Pillows: Burnestown Square Pillow (Qty. 1)-WAYFAIR
Sunroom Throw Pillows: Doon Square Cotton Pillow (Qty. 4)-JOSS & MAIN
Sunroom Throw Pillows: Zetta Square Cotton Pillow (Qty. 2)-WAYFAIR
Throw Pillows: Tappahannock Square Pillow Cover by Dove Cove (Qty. 2)-WAYFAIR

Throw Pillows: Tappahannock Square Pillow Cover-WAYFAIR

Kitchen Items:

It is important to have the proper tools to make a delicious meal.
This kitchen serves up everything that you might need.

Where to buy the Kitchen Items:
Blender: Nutribullet-AMAZON
Dinnerware Set: Corelle 18-pc Service for 6-AMAZON
Kitchen Sink Faucet: Glacier Bay Paulina Single-Handle Pull Down-HOME DEPOT
Pans: Calphalon Classic-AMAZON
Tissue Box Holder: Yiwen Square Tissue Box Holder-AMAZON

Laundry Room Items:

The Laundry Room serves up storage as well as providing the washer and dryer.
It is also a pass-thru room.
Therefore, it was important that it had the same feel as the rest of the cottage.

Where to buy the Laundry Room Items:
‘Sebastian’: The Audubon Print-HOME SENSE
Baskets: Previously Purchased-HOMEGOODS

Black Storage Cabinet: Previously Purchased-VALUE CITY FURNITURE
Black Storage Shelves-OLLIES

Lighting w/ Motion Sensor: Westinghouse Lighting LED-AMAZON
Washer and Dryer: Previously Purchased-GE APPLIANCES

Patio Items:

The patio area is important. You want to make sure that the outside space works as well as the inside space. Surrounded by gardens there is a private patio area. A separate space serves up a table with a view of the lake as well as two chairs facing the view.

Where to buy the Patio Items:
Fire Pit Table: Marielle Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table-WAYFAIR
Outdoor Furniture: Previously Purchased-UNKNOWN
Outdoor Cushion Storage-AMAZON

Photos and a Virtual Tour are Available:

We hope you found some value in this source. For those of you interested in seeing the items described, there are listing photos on our Furnished Finders listing and a Matterport virtual tour on our website. Thank you to our son, Austin at Flower City Virtual Tours for providing the listing photos and Matterport virtual tour. You are the best! We are blessed.

Wishing you joy and happiness.
in JOY-Trisha

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